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Happy Feet for Nurses: Blending Fashion and Comfort Together


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ImageRachel Brittain, RN, BSN is a nurse at the Department of Radiology at Stanford Hospital in Palo Alto, California.  Five days a week, eight hours a day, she is on her feet taking care of patients who are in need of diagnostic magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT) scans, and biopsies, just to name a few.

Along with her fellow co-workers, she is constantly on the move.  But thanks to her seven year love affair with Dansko footwear, she’s able to glide through the day with comfort and support.

“I love the way they feel,” said Brittain. “I have worn regular tennis shoes to work, but by the end of the day my legs feel tired and sometimes I get lower back pain.”


That is why more and more health-conscious shoe brands like Landau Footwear, Timberland PRO, Nurse Mates, Akesso and Klogs are stepping in the direction of trend-setting fashion without sacrificing the comfort and function of footwear that are both cozy and stylish.  Let’s take a look.

  • Klogs, a longtime favorite brand known for support and comfort, combines function with fashion to create the perfect shoe for the healthcare professional.  Klogs offers a vast line of polyurethane and leather clog in a variety of styles and colors.

  • Akesso footwear provides comfort to those on their feet all day; safety for those who work where slips, trips, falls and contamination are daily hazards; and style for professionals who want to look good on the job.  Akesso recently designed two new lines — the Helia and Carraria – both of which have the look and feel of a casual athletic shoe with the added durability and safety of traditional healthcare footwear.

  • Timberland Pro was designed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals, with each pair featuring an exclusive Anti-Fatigue technology created specifically for those who spend long hours on their feet.  It is designed to absorb shock while returning energy to key zones of the foot for all day comfort.

  • Landau Footwear which is both comfortable and durable, provides quality unisex nursing clogs that are slip resistant and shock absorbing. 

  • Nurse Mates has been committed to delivering quality, innovative products for nearly fifty years. Their premium full-grain leathers, slip-resistant bottoms and comfort technologies make Nurse Mates footwear a great choice for working professionals seeking long lasting style and comfort.

Tips to keep in mind when looking for nursing shoes from a podiatrist.

Three-Point Shoe Test:

  • Check the flex point of the shoe; it should bend in ball of the foot.
  • Check for torsion; how much does the shoe twist when grabbing the heel of the shoe with the toe of the shoe
  • Heel counter firmness or stability. The toe box should be roomy, wide enough, and deep enough so that toes are not irritated.

“Shoes should not require ‘breaking in.’ The outer sole of the shoe is also important, depending on the use of the shoe, whether its dress, casual, activity, or combination use,” said Dr. Dutra.  “Also, remember socks are very important for wicking away moisture, cushioning, and protection, as well as sometimes for compression.”


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