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5 Must-Have Apps for Hard Working Contractors


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The job of a contractor is not an easy one. Juggling between never-ending office and work site tasks, you can lean on reliable tech tools to do some of the work for you. Luckily, a lot of the handy tools that belong on your belt or in your toolbox, you can now find as mobile apps which you can take wherever you go. Here are 5 Top Apps that any contractor can put to use:

The Quad Level (iOS & Android Compatible)

Price: $0.99 for iOS and $1.99 for Android

The Quad Level app is a very convenient and time-saving tool that works much like a traditional level and is entirely equipped to replace it.

Photo Credit: iTunes

Unlike similar apps, Quad Level provides you with four displays at the same time – vertical, horizontal, diagonal and 2D. All of them (except the diagonal view) can display measurements in centimeter per 1 meter or inches per 10 feet.  You won’t have to do any complicated trigonometry.

Worried about its accuracy? The developers of Quad Level boast an accuracy of less than half a degree and calibration is incredibly easy.

iHandy Carpenter (iOS & Android Compatible)

Price: $1.99

You have outsourced your level, now it’s time to get rid of some more tools.

Photo Credit: Google Play Store

iHandy Carpenter comes equipped with a plumb bob, a level (though Quad Level is better suited for that job), a bubble lever bar, a ruler and a protractor. When calibrated, the tool can be used as an inclinometer, as well.

As if that’s not enough to win you, the app comes with an incredibly appealing design in contrast to most apps in the same field.

Concrete Calculator (iOS & Android Compatible)

Price: $0.99

If you work with concrete, this is the app for you. When you need to order concrete for a project, Concrete Calculator will help you estimate the amount of concrete (measured in cubic yards) you need and how much it will cost you.

Photo Credit: iTunes

Alternatively, if you are buying pre-packaged concrete, the app will tell you how many bags (80 lb. or 60 lb.) you need to complete the project.

Concrete Calculator works for square, rectangular or circular slabs, as well as sono tubes or columns. If you are not confident in the estimation, click on the “Info” tab to see a detailed breakdown of the calculation method.

SmartBidNet (iOS Compatible)

Price: $0.99

SmartBidNet is a great tool for general contractors who are look for a clever solution to help them manage their bids. The app will build you a personalized database of subcontractors and vendors, based on collaborative projects you’ve already completed.

Photo Credit: iTunes

The ultimate goal is to have a big list of reliable subcontractors, conveniently organized by what kind of service they offer. Next time you are planning to bid on a project, you can quickly use the database as a reference and contact the subcontractors, suppliers or vendors you want to team up with.

All the information can be downloaded on your mobile device, so that you have full access to it even when you can’t connect to the Internet.

Construction Master Pro (iOS and Android Compatible)

Price: $19.99

If you have worked in the construction industry for a while, you probably know of the award-winning Construction Master calculator. Well, this clever app has all of the calculator’s capabilities built-in and even comes with some extras.

While the price may seem a bit high for an app, its functionality makes the investment completely worth it.  Plus, it’s a cheaper option than the physical calculator, which sells between $50 and $70 on Amazon.

The Construction Master Pro is capable of a number of mathematical operations and conversions that simply can’t be exhausted here. These will surely come handy whether you use them to estimate, bid or work on an ongoing project, reducing the likelihood of errors.

The app can be a little intimidating for first-time users, but it comes equipped with an extensive User’s Guide, available in English, Spanish and French.


It’s great to see mobile apps entering more and more aspects of our work and lives. For contractors they present a cheap and hassle-free way to replace many of their old tools and even offer some unique benefits of their own.

Have you used any of these mobile apps or do you have your own favorites? We would love it if you shared your experience with us in the comment section below.

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