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March 17, 2014
by WorkNGear

5 Curious Facts About Apprenticeships in History

Apprenticeship is an essential part of being human. Everyone who has ever walked this Earth was someone’s apprentice. At first, we are our parents’ apprentices, as they teach us basic skills and know-how.

Later on, as we start to develop our profession life, we may choose to become an apprentice in one of the many trades – learning from a carpenter, plumber, electrician, construction worker, lumberjack or many others. But these professional apprenticeships have come a long way to make it where they are today.

To brush up on trivia facts, especially if you’re an apprentice yourself, check out these 5 curious facts about apprenticeships and how they developed throughout history. Continue Reading →

March 13, 2014
by WorkNGear
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How Do You Work ‘N Gear

Have you ever wondered what Work ‘N Gear looks like in the real world? We did, so we decided to find out!

We hooked up with Captain Smith and his crew out on the Lori B. They gave us a brief glimpse into what it’s like commercial fishing out on the open waters of a bitter cold January day.

Now We Want To Hear Your Story

No matter the occupation we want to hear from hard working individuals like yourselves.

Open your video with: Your name or company – Your occupation – and a “this is how I Work ‘N Gear”.

Example: My name is Buford Higgins, owner of Goin’ Nuts. I’m a squirrel trainer and this is how I Work ‘N Gear.

Try to keep videos to 5 minutes in length with the highest resolution available to you.

Submit your original content video by email to and a short bio about yourself.

The Not So Fine Print

Submitted videos may be featured on our facebook, twitter, blog and other social channels as well on the Work ‘N Gear website. Additional permissions may be necessary so please include a way to contact you in the event your video is selected. We reserve the right to edit all submissions. If you have difficulty attaching files by email please let us know and we’ll provide an alternative method. Whenever possible we will credit your name, company or both.

March 10, 2014
by WorkNGear

Pastel is the New Black – Rock the Trend in Scrubs

ImageYou’ve been seeing this trend in just about everything lately. From home décor, to nail polish and even on the red carpet at the Oscars this past Sunday. There’s just no getting away from it. Those in the healthcare industry that are loving this trend will be thrilled to know that their scrub wardrobe doesn’t have to be pastel free.

With all of your favorite scrub brands carrying colors like mint, lavender and blush you’ll be sure to find just the right shade for you to rock this look.

If you need some inspiration – We’ve got it for you!

Lets start with BLUSH - As the go to mani color for our eCom Coordinator, she wonders who wouldn’t love it? Pink also says a lot about your personality. Those who favor it are viewed as friendly and approachable. Perfect traits for those in the healthcare industry.  AQUA - No one can say they don’t love a good pastel blue after seeing Lupita Nyong’o walk the red carpet in her stunning Prada dress. TANGERINE  - Last year those that attended fashion week would have told you “Orange is the new black” and this year with a slight change in the saturation it’s still playing a role. LAVENDER - is a color almost everyone looks great in. It’s been trending everywhere from weddings to hair color! Check out some of our favorite items by clicking the picture below and don’t forget to subscribe for the latest news and promotions.

WonderWink ScrubsGrey's Anatomy SignatureLandau ScrubsUrbane Scrubs

March 6, 2014
by WorkNGear

5 Must-Have Apps for Hard Working Contractors

The job of a contractor is not an easy one. Juggling between never-ending office and work site tasks, you can lean on reliable tech tools to do some of the work for you. Luckily, a lot of the handy tools that belong on your belt or in your toolbox, you can now find as mobile apps which you can take wherever you go. Here are 5 Top Apps that any contractor can put to use:

The Quad Level (iOS & Android Compatible)

Price: $0.99 for iOS and $1.99 for Android

The Quad Level app is a very convenient and time-saving tool that works much like a traditional level and is entirely equipped to replace it.

Photo Credit: iTunes

Unlike similar apps, Quad Level provides you with four displays at the same time – vertical, horizontal, diagonal and 2D. All of them (except the diagonal view) can display measurements in centimeter per 1 meter or inches per 10 feet.  You won’t have to do any complicated trigonometry.

Worried about its accuracy? The developers of Quad Level boast an accuracy of less than half a degree and calibration is incredibly easy. Continue Reading →

March 4, 2014
by WorkNGear

Happy Feet for Nurses: Blending Fashion and Comfort Together

ImageRachel Brittain, RN, BSN is a nurse at the Department of Radiology at Stanford Hospital in Palo Alto, California.  Five days a week, eight hours a day, she is on her feet taking care of patients who are in need of diagnostic magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT) scans, and biopsies, just to name a few.

Along with her fellow co-workers, she is constantly on the move.  But thanks to her seven year love affair with Dansko footwear, she’s able to glide through the day with comfort and support.

“I love the way they feel,” said Brittain. “I have worn regular tennis shoes to work, but by the end of the day my legs feel tired and sometimes I get lower back pain.”


That is why more and more health-conscious shoe brands like Landau Footwear, Timberland PRO, Nurse Mates, Akesso and Klogs are stepping in the direction of trend-setting fashion without sacrificing the comfort and function of footwear that are both cozy and stylish.  Let’s take a look.

  • Klogs, a longtime favorite brand known for support and comfort, combines function with fashion to create the perfect shoe for the healthcare professional.  Klogs offers a vast line of polyurethane and leather clog in a variety of styles and colors.

  • Akesso footwear provides comfort to those on their feet all day; safety for those who work where slips, trips, falls and contamination are daily hazards; and style for professionals who want to look good on the job.  Akesso recently designed two new lines — the Helia and Carraria – both of which have the look and feel of a casual athletic shoe with the added durability and safety of traditional healthcare footwear.

  • Timberland Pro was designed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals, with each pair featuring an exclusive Anti-Fatigue technology created specifically for those who spend long hours on their feet.  It is designed to absorb shock while returning energy to key zones of the foot for all day comfort.

  • Landau Footwear which is both comfortable and durable, provides quality unisex nursing clogs that are slip resistant and shock absorbing. 

  • Nurse Mates has been committed to delivering quality, innovative products for nearly fifty years. Their premium full-grain leathers, slip-resistant bottoms and comfort technologies make Nurse Mates footwear a great choice for working professionals seeking long lasting style and comfort.

Tips to keep in mind when looking for nursing shoes from a podiatrist.

Three-Point Shoe Test:

  • Check the flex point of the shoe; it should bend in ball of the foot.
  • Check for torsion; how much does the shoe twist when grabbing the heel of the shoe with the toe of the shoe
  • Heel counter firmness or stability. The toe box should be roomy, wide enough, and deep enough so that toes are not irritated.

“Shoes should not require ‘breaking in.’ The outer sole of the shoe is also important, depending on the use of the shoe, whether its dress, casual, activity, or combination use,” said Dr. Dutra.  “Also, remember socks are very important for wicking away moisture, cushioning, and protection, as well as sometimes for compression.”


Read the article in its entirety here:

February 27, 2014
by WorkNGear

Post-review: 6 Amazing Olympic Gear Innovations from the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics

Every time we see the Winter Olympics, we are not only excited to see the competition between some of the world’s best athletes. We are also excited to see the competition between tech innovators, constantly striving to come up with new ways of improving winter gear.

Of course, after a while, these innovations are no longer reserved for professional athletes and are handed down to us, the general public. This year the gear innovations were so promising that some people thought they might be the next “doping” scandal. Let’s look at what made news. Continue Reading →

February 17, 2014
by WorkNGear
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Why Not Hiring An Apprentice Will Cost You Your Business

Young minds at work!
Apprenticeships are a great way to help your business and help a young person willing to work and learn.Briscoe French / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

Yes, you heard us right. Not hiring an apprentice will cost you your business. Well, alright, not necessarily, that’s a bit of an overstatement. But hiring an apprentice will certainly help your business, there’s no doubt about that. It will strengthen it, grow it and will provide both you and your apprentices with numerous benefits.

Why and what benefits? Below we have rounded up some of the main advantages for small and medium businesses of hiring and training apprentices. Continue Reading →

February 11, 2014
by WorkNGear

Be Stylish and Professional in Your Color-Coded Scrubs – As Seen On

Color coded uniforms seem to be moving into hospitals at a high speed. did a little investigating and found out the reason behind this movement. 
Does your hospital require you to wear color-coded scrubs? These new nursing uniforms have swept the nation as hospitals decide to make it easier for patients to identify their nurse. From the Cleveland Clinic and Johns Hopkins to local hospitals, nurses are being told what color to wear. Many nurses really like the convenience of knowing what to wear every day. However, others find it difficult to personalize their uniform.
Keep reading to find out the reason for the change –


February 10, 2014
by WorkNGear

How to Survive the Whizzing Cold and Live to Tell the Tale

Lately it’s been cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey. And while the folks who work at an office may not feel the real frost, tradesmen get to know all about it.

  Extreme weather conditions in the US and Europe have made a point: winter gear is essential.Johan Lange / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

That calls for some quality winter gear, especially if you have to get out there for longer periods of time. Extreme weather also creates extreme situations such as emergencies, and that’s when it’s on for you. In order not to end up like that brass monkey, you need to know how to properly dress in such weather. The science behind it is rather straightforward. Continue Reading →